Mission Statement

The mission of the Community Services District is to provide public services and programs, such as fire protection, airport access, street lighting, recreation and other community needs supported by the people of Anderson Valley.

Meeting Schedule: All meet monthly, open to public

AVCSD Board: 3pm, 3rd Wed, Boonville station       Reading File

Budget Committee: 3:00, 2nd Wednesday, Boonville station    

Emergency Services Committee: 4:00, 1st Wed, Boonville Station    

Airport Committee: 7:00, 1st Tues, Boonville Station     (no meeting scheduled)

Parks and Recreation Committee: 3rd Tues, 3:30 pm Boonville Station     May 2024 Agenda

Water Projects Committee: 10:30am, first Thurs, Boonville station    (no meeting scheduled)

Special Board Meeting or Other Sub-Committee Meetings ---click for details    May 2024 Agenda


Board Members and Staff

Director : Bill Nayes
Director : Valerie Hanelt
Director : Kathleen McKenna
Director : Steve Snyder
Director : Francois Christen
Fire Chief/District Administrator : Andres Avila
Admin Asst./Board Secretary : Caleigh Bennett
Training Officer/Operations Assist./Finance : Angela Dewitt
EMS Officer : Clay Eubank


Proposed Budget

Proposed Budget for 2023-24:click here


District Map

District Map:click here


LAFCo Municipal Services Review (MSR)

Anderson Valley CSD MSR, Feb 2014


Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule


District Claim Form

Claim Form


Drinking Water and Wastewater Proposals for Boonville

Information about the project:


Water Survey

Water Interest Survey